Crazy! Kids Using Best Concealed Carry Backpacks

How about we just teach children RESPECT! Respect for others. Respect for laws. Respect for adults. And respect for LIFE! The problem today is not guns! Guns have not changed in the past 20 to 30 years, but society has! Children do not have any respect anymore. It’s become a ME generation. People are failing to realize that these kids are doing these things to themselves, hiding weapons, causing choas, imagine if one of them had the best concealed carry backpack The media is having them and go out and protest and March to get rid of guns, but they should be looking at themselves! All of these shootings are being done by fellow students, not adult strangers coming into schools. Thus generation needs to own up to the FACT that it is their fault for the shootings and nobody else, or no other inanimate object’s fault! The lack of respect for others and the bullying needs to stop! They preach acceptance and wanting to stop the violence, when they are the ones causing the violence and bullying! Enough is enough! Wake up people! Today’s generation is a bunch of self centered entitled brats, and this whole issue is just an example of the brats demanding something just because they want it, and not looking at the whole picture.

We don’t want our kids out there trying to give CPR when there’s a shooter out there. And as multiple doctors pointed out, CPR would do no good. And the very idea that you’re saying these teenagers are doing nothing but trying to get a law changed? Yeah, that’s what citizens do. If they were doing any more than that, then you’d be complaining that they’re dangerous and out of control. They are doing exactly what adults do – what we have all been taught to do – when we want a change in this country. This is just more of the NRA-owned Republicans putting NRA donations and their own careers ahead of our children. Well, we won’t have it! I marched on the 24th and I’m going to keep on marching and insisting that right be done. You keep deflecting, Republicans, because you’re just inciting us more! You know who’s behind these kids? Most of the voting adults in the country. And you’re on your way out!

As far as I know Students that are not at voting age and want to try and change or improve on Gov’t policies, ONLY recourse is to organize a calm march with recommendations and solutions! This isĀ American students rights as citizens to do……and a Senator’s duty is to listen and provide respectful feedback, creating a dialogue with the students to develop a compromise of solutions, then it is the Senator’s job to bring the agreed upon recommendations to Government…..What I find interesting is the Senators have forgotten that their job is to represent the American people and their concerns not personal agendas!