Car Seat Covers Can Prevent This!

It’s hard to get away from getting your new car dirty, when you do finally decide to get your car seat cleaned, it’s a daunting task. I recommend getting this best truck seat cover to prevent ever having to do this below.

What they were using is called an extractor. It’s for sucking up water and also sprays clean water from a nozzle with cleaning solution. After they use it the seats are barely wet and they air dry. I used to do auto detailing and that’s what we would use for seats and carpets. It can make your vehicles interior look brand new if the person doing the detailing knows what they’re doing.

Dealership is the best place to get this done, if you have a newer car…it maybe expensive but its worth it – THE GUARANTEE it from mess ups. Oh and get the DELUXE DETAILING OFFER. Just saying’. I am thinking of taking a friends car next spring, will keep everyone posted…If you are going to go the NON DEALER route, then check your local Group On site for awesome deals…almost 60% OFF but you are taking your chances….Buyer Beware – If it looks too good, It probably isn’t” and “You get what you pay for”

What material is that? If it’s cloth, there is NO WAY it would dry perfectly, hence creating MOLD….don’t know…the way they do it at dealerships is the actually remove the seats and put them in a drying oven, if I am Not mistaken…..but either way if it works thats cool.

Way too much water and product. You have basically allowed the stains to become soaked and allowed them to sink further into the materials. Light mist of folex or apc and then agitate and then extract. The point is to add as little water to the material