3rd Leading Cause of Death In Children : Guns

The article implies that the majority of these deaths are innocent little kids accidentally getting killed. The reality is that a lot of these deaths are 16 and 17 year old “children” that are killed in gang and crime related violence for which they are participating. Not to say that isn’t a problem, or that they “deserve” it, or that their lives don’t matter… My point is simply that the problem, once again, is not legal gun owners. It is a system problem. It is a class problem. It is a crime problem. It is a poverty problem. It is a mental health problem. It is an education problem. If guns were illegal tomorrow, it would not change the inner city gun violence being perpetrated by people who cannot legally own guns and get them from the black market already.

There would be fewer children dying if parents would take the NRA course on gun safety, and then get the kids tp take the same course, and also followed by the instruction of proper handling of all firearms. Many just use ignorance and hate guns. Remember, guns do NOT fire themselves, much as you would believe.It’s like saying a bbt thermometer measures itself. Someone has to pull the trigger.

We have a society problem. These kinds of things hardly ever happened when I was a kid. Kids should be around kitchen sets and not shooting ranges.

My parents kept loaded guns sitting around and there were 8 of us. We all knew the dangers of a gun and that they killed. We were taught not to play with them
Of course in my day parents disciplined their children. Not leave it up to Adderall or some other drug. Who knows what the real problem is, but banning guns because some people are not teaching there children is just wrong for the rest of us that do