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Car Seat Covers Can Prevent This!

It’s hard to get away from getting your new car dirty, when you do finally decide to get your car seat cleaned, it’s a daunting task. I recommend getting this best truck seat cover to prevent ever having to do this below.

What they were using is called an extractor. It’s for sucking up water and also sprays clean water from a nozzle with cleaning solution. After they use it the seats are barely wet and they air dry. I used to do auto detailing and that’s what we would use for seats and carpets. It can make your vehicles interior look brand new if the person doing the detailing knows what they’re doing.

Dealership is the best place to get this done, if you have a newer car…it maybe expensive but its worth it – THE GUARANTEE it from mess ups. Oh and get the DELUXE DETAILING OFFER. Just saying’. I am thinking of taking a friends car next spring, will keep everyone posted…If you are going to go the NON DEALER route, then check your local Group On site for awesome deals…almost 60% OFF but you are taking your chances….Buyer Beware – If it looks too good, It probably isn’t” and “You get what you pay for”

What material is that? If it’s cloth, there is NO WAY it would dry perfectly, hence creating MOLD….don’t know…the way they do it at dealerships is the actually remove the seats and put them in a drying oven, if I am Not mistaken…..but either way if it works thats cool.

Way too much water and product. You have basically allowed the stains to become soaked and allowed them to sink further into the materials. Light mist of folex or apc and then agitate and then extract. The point is to add as little water to the material

Crazy! Kids Using Best Concealed Carry Backpacks

How about we just teach children RESPECT! Respect for others. Respect for laws. Respect for adults. And respect for LIFE! The problem today is not guns! Guns have not changed in the past 20 to 30 years, but society has! Children do not have any respect anymore. It’s become a ME generation. People are failing to realize that these kids are doing these things to themselves, hiding weapons, causing choas, imagine if one of them had the best concealed carry backpack The media is having them and go out and protest and March to get rid of guns, but they should be looking at themselves! All of these shootings are being done by fellow students, not adult strangers coming into schools. Thus generation needs to own up to the FACT that it is their fault for the shootings and nobody else, or no other inanimate object’s fault! The lack of respect for others and the bullying needs to stop! They preach acceptance and wanting to stop the violence, when they are the ones causing the violence and bullying! Enough is enough! Wake up people! Today’s generation is a bunch of self centered entitled brats, and this whole issue is just an example of the brats demanding something just because they want it, and not looking at the whole picture.

We don’t want our kids out there trying to give CPR when there’s a shooter out there. And as multiple doctors pointed out, CPR would do no good. And the very idea that you’re saying these teenagers are doing nothing but trying to get a law changed? Yeah, that’s what citizens do. If they were doing any more than that, then you’d be complaining that they’re dangerous and out of control. They are doing exactly what adults do – what we have all been taught to do – when we want a change in this country. This is just more of the NRA-owned Republicans putting NRA donations and their own careers ahead of our children. Well, we won’t have it! I marched on the 24th and I’m going to keep on marching and insisting that right be done. You keep deflecting, Republicans, because you’re just inciting us more! You know who’s behind these kids? Most of the voting adults in the country. And you’re on your way out!

As far as I know Students that are not at voting age and want to try and change or improve on Gov’t policies, ONLY recourse is to organize a calm march with recommendations and solutions! This isĀ American students rights as citizens to do……and a Senator’s duty is to listen and provide respectful feedback, creating a dialogue with the students to develop a compromise of solutions, then it is the Senator’s job to bring the agreed upon recommendations to Government…..What I find interesting is the Senators have forgotten that their job is to represent the American people and their concerns not personal agendas!


3rd Leading Cause of Death In Children : Guns

The article implies that the majority of these deaths are innocent little kids accidentally getting killed. The reality is that a lot of these deaths are 16 and 17 year old “children” that are killed in gang and crime related violence for which they are participating. Not to say that isn’t a problem, or that they “deserve” it, or that their lives don’t matter… My point is simply that the problem, once again, is not legal gun owners. It is a system problem. It is a class problem. It is a crime problem. It is a poverty problem. It is a mental health problem. It is an education problem. If guns were illegal tomorrow, it would not change the inner city gun violence being perpetrated by people who cannot legally own guns and get them from the black market already.

There would be fewer children dying if parents would take the NRA course on gun safety, and then get the kids tp take the same course, and also followed by the instruction of proper handling of all firearms. Many just use ignorance and hate guns. Remember, guns do NOT fire themselves, much as you would believe.It’s like saying a bbt thermometer measures itself. Someone has to pull the trigger.

We have a society problem. These kinds of things hardly ever happened when I was a kid. Kids should be around kitchen sets and not shooting ranges.

My parents kept loaded guns sitting around and there were 8 of us. We all knew the dangers of a gun and that they killed. We were taught not to play with them
Of course in my day parents disciplined their children. Not leave it up to Adderall or some other drug. Who knows what the real problem is, but banning guns because some people are not teaching there children is just wrong for the rest of us that do

Executive Gun Control Laws

All I see on here is whining about republicans and the NRA. Social media provides a unique platform for you guys to educate and rally those who are misinformed about this topic and all you do is blame republicans for not liking Obama. Why is it that inĀ a gun control utopia like Chicago you can commit aggravated robbery (robbery with a deadly weapon like a gun) and get as little as 4 years with the possibility of parole. Take a plea deal and get even less. In Connecticut Adam Lanza murders 20 children and 6 adults and in that state the worst that would have happened to him is life in prison because the 8th amendment protects him from the punishment he deserves or he could hide behind his mental illness and not even get sent to jail. If you want common sense gun control pushed do your homework, get schooled up on the subject, and battle your right wing gun owning enemies with logic instead of emotion because we’re not moved by awful actions of a few evil drastically small percentage of individuals. Until then you will keep seeing the red wing stop crap laws that you openly admit might only save one life at the cost of treading on millions of pissed off gun owners who aren’t willing to compromise. By all means keep crying on tv keep crying on forums tears won’t save lives and it definitely won’t change laws.

Sadly, Americans have become fearful and paranoid for no good reason other than that certain media outlets pursue relentless fear mongering as a way to raise their ratings. No rational human being should be concerned that all individuals interested in purchasing a weapon should have a background check unless of course you are a felon, etc.

Present background checks prevent thousands of criminals from getting guns every year. Updating the system to include Internet and gun shows on a national basis will increase their effectiveness. Better screening of mental disturbed young men having access to assault weapons will stop many mass shootings. Maybe Rep would rather have us sell guns at 7-11 without any regulations?

Perhaps look at another example, Japan took away the right of Japanese citizen to openly carry their Samurai sword, which is a tradition. I don’t remember that fix any sword or knife violence in Japan. Gun laws or knife laws can help, but the real problem is people. Obama should also propose how to fix those peoples that will potentially use gun or knife to kill people.

We need out of country gun control get it right people yes wrong people are having guns but that’s still not going to stop them having guns there are like billions of guns out there not even registered and also hand made guns out there you’re not goingto stop it it is pathetic what he is doing he is trying to get the weapons from us so him and his buddies can attack us he is a secret bad man and none of you can see it

I’ve been wracking my brain trying to think why anyone would support this obviously racist, bigoted, low life of a man called “Donald Trump” then it came to me. These people are scared. They are not scared of Immigrants or Obama,
They are afraid of losing “it”. This former majority have now become the minority and they are scared. They don’t want to evolve with the times so they go on the offensive. They start buying more guns, deny climate change, burn down Black churches and Planned Parenthood offices, Increase the hate crimes and domestic terrorist attacks.

And for what? “Fear”. They are trying to hold on to the past and they see this as their “Last Stand” and Trump is their “General Custer” or “Great white hope”. Well, those of us who read know what happened to Custer. Hopefully this will be the last stand for open racism, bigotry and hate crimes. With any luck, if we join together against racism and hate and with the help of progressive, forward thinking people (from all political parties), we will force the racist and/or bigots to crawl back into the holes where they came from. And who knows? Maybe, just maybe, Some may even crawl out of their holes to see the light of peace & harmony with others..